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CHUNGSOO INDUSTRY Pursues Cleanliness 

With its years of research and development, Chungsoo Industry Inc. has created OZ-SEPA™ filter, the world’s first direct oil-water separator, as well as industrial and commercial filter-based products using nanostructure technology. The traditional methods used for removing spilled oil were often the cause of serious secondary environmental contamination and led to inefficient oil separation in oceans, industries and living environments. Now, Chungsoo Industry’s technological breakthrough, along with its high-efficient and low-cost oil-water separation solutions, can dramatically reduce such environmental damages. 

Core Value (TED)
Nano-technology to directly filter oil from water
Company to safeguard the Earth
A sustainable society

Becoming a Global Company 
Specializing in Advanced Material Development 

OZ-SEPA™ can be used not only for oil spill clean-up but also in industrial setting and daily life. We aspire to become the leading company in the global oil-water separation market, by diversifying filtering technologies and materials. 

Oil Spill 

Marine, River, Lake, Ships


Foods, Factories, Oil Refining, Functional Clothes


Car Washes, Restaurants, Gas stations


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